Well-wishers say Go for it Gossy

Well-wishers from the worlds of sport, politics and showbiz have sent messages of support for Goss’s ride.

North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb: “I will never forget the goal you scored at Bayern Munich. That gave enormous pleasure to so many people. Now you are doing something incredibly worthwhile and I am thrilled to be doing the first leg of the journey with you.”

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg: “Norman has told me all about this ride and about that goal against Bayern Munich! This is a great venture for a very good cause. Good luck!”

Former City star Chris Sutton: “Gossy’s volley against Bayern Munich is undoubtedly mine and virtually every Norwich City fan’s abiding memory of our European campaign. Always a determined player with incredible drive and energy, it’s no surprise to me that even at his age he’s taken on this gruelling challenge. Good luck mate.”

Grumpy old man Rick Wakeman: “Even though I have only lived in the county for six years, Jeremy’s Bayern goal is folklore for anyone who loves football and I’m well aware of what this historic strike means to Canary fans. I also know Jeremy cares vehemently about people who, for many reasons, are not as fortunate as most of us, so it’s no surprise that he is undertaking this bike ride. But all the way to Munich?! It just shows the measure of the man and I wish him every success. If he’s that fit, you never know, Paul Lambert might well be looking at him for next season.”

Sky Sports presenter and City fan Simon Thomas: “As a city fan1993 was about as good as it gets. Third place finish in the Premier League, Gossy’s barnstorming volley against Leeds at Elland Road the next season and European football. But it was Jeremy’ s stunning volley in the Olympic Stadium against Bayern Munich that was the real icing on the cake. Unforgettable. Go for it mate and ride well.”

Shadow chancellor and Norwich City fan Ed Balls: “Not so much ‘On the ball’ as ‘On yer bike'”.

Former City star Rob Newman: “It’s typical of Gossy. I expect when he gets there he’ll want to do a Forest Gump and continue on around the world.”

Broadland MP Keith Simpson: “I wish Jeremy Goss and all those who will embark on this “tour de Europe” to raise funds for the NNAB the very best of luck and weather. I know just how much help and support the NNAB has given to so many Norfolk people over more than two hundred years.”

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith: “This is a great effort from all at NNAB, headed up by the one and only Jeremy Goss. I know how hard he has worked for the charity. He’ll get back to Bayern and do us all proud.”

Lord Mayor of Norwich Jenny Lay: “I fully support this trip. The NNAB provides invaluable support to people who need it, and any funds that go towards that will be put to very good use.”

Sheriff of Norwich Chris Higgins: “We’d like to offer Jeremy our total support. The trip brings back memories of the famous night at Bayern when I saw him score that magnificent goal. If his reflexes are as good on his bike as they were on the ball, he’ll be back in Norwich before he knows it. I wish him every success and a safe journey.”

Former teammate and City’s assistant manager Ian Culverhouse: “It was the best time of our lives on a football pitch, Gossy. I hope the ride brings back good memories and I wish you all the best, mate.”

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16 Responses to “Well-wishers say Go for it Gossy”

  1. James Keable says:

    Hi Gossy,

    This is really great. I cycled to Istanbul for charity last summer and did a fair bit of the route that you’re doing. What’s your exact route through Germany? I whole heartedly recommend the Rhine Valley, all cycle paths, breaktaking vistas, cafes and pubs aplenty, campsites and hostels in abundance, hot hot weather and lots of lovely German cyclists with which to chat.

    It would be great to hear from you to discuss your route.

    Cheers and good luck. Check out our blog website in the link above.

    07919 537056
    [email protected]

  2. Colin Penny says:

    That goal inspired a long-running catchphrase in our household: “On the head, Matthaeus !”

  3. James stangroom says:

    Hi Jeremy, just like to wish you all the best on your trip, like many I was there in Munich in 1993 it was a night to remember , have been living in Holland for the last 14 years and was wondering what your route is ? Would love to lend support as you pass through Holland and who knows if your in the area maybe you could pop in for a well deserved cuppa , all the best …..James Stangroom

  4. Ed Couzens-Lake says:

    Gossy, I think you cycled to Harwich in a quicker time than it took me last time I went by train! Hope you aren’t aching too much-but you could always seize a support vehicle and drive home for the night! Have a great day tomorrow, all the very best from us both, Ed and Sarah (hope Walts is OK?)

  5. John Morland says:


    A little tune to help you on your way!

  6. Gary Slater says:

    it was an honour to cycle the first leg of your epic journey yesterday, without you,Mark and Rob i couldnt of made it. Good Luck

  7. Andrew Moore says:

    Good Luck Gossy, take care and when you get to Munich I hope there’s a stein of beer waiting for you, cos you’ll have earnt it. Andy Moore, Canary in Leamington Spa

  8. Chris Kennard says:

    Thanks for the opportunity of riding with you last week; you are clearly making great progress. As long as you stay mentally strong, the body will keep going. Just remind yourself of all those that will benefit from your amazing effort (and how rightly proud your kids will be) and no climb will defeat you!
    We’re with you (in spirit) all the way!

  9. Simon Marshall says:

    Great to see you goung so well. Keep it up. How is it going? I hope you are feeling ok and enjoying it.

  10. Rachel Aldus says:

    Well done Jeremy, as you approach the second week of your challenge. We are tracking you everyday and thinking about you back at Magpie Road, and I have a couple of purchase orders you didn’t sign 🙂

  11. Simon Child says:

    Great effort and many congratulations, Gossy.
    all the best, Simon and Georgie

  12. Moritz Venhoff says:

    Hey Jeremy just saw you made it to Brenner Today. I didn’t get quite so far, Steinach am Brenner. Was nice to glimm the Brennerpass and with you. Good luck for your remaining tour to milan and with this really great charity project!

  13. Moritz Venhoff says:

    Sorry my mobile mistyped:”… to climb the Brennerpass with you”

  14. Donna Minto says:

    Hi ya Jez, I hope you are well, call us at work tomorrow and let us know how you’re doing. All the best and well done!

  15. Peter B. says:

    Jeremy: well done – we keep looking at the map and thinking of you! All that training will be worth it – can’t believe our chance meeting in Haddiscoe each time I pass the pub! Thinking of you all – M and the boys!
    Peter B.

  16. Tim Goss says:

    Jezz, fantastic effort mate! Keep it going from us at CCC

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